Wilson, President Woodrow

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Born in Staunton, Virginia on December 28, 1856 and died in Washington, D.C. on February 3, 1924. Wilson was President of Princeton University , Oct. 1902 - Oct. 1910; Governor of New Jersey 1911-1913 and President of the United States 1913-1921. The three items offered are each on White House stationery and concern a burn Wilson incurred in an accident on April 19, 1918. The earliest letter is from the President's secretary to his insurance company requesting a claims form and the second is from his physician to the insurance company describing his injury and its consequences. The third letter is from the President to the insurance company requesting that they forget the claim. Three interesting letters that that give us a glimpse into the character and personality of our 28th president. All of the letters are in Very Good condition.