Memoirs of Seventy-five Years for the centenary of the Marist Fathers in America

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Written by the Rev. P. H. Gagneau, S. M. and published in 1963 by Keystone Press, Atlanta, Georgia. Rare book - not available online and held by only two libraries world-wide. It has been over 150 years since the Marist Fathers came to this country and established their foundation in Louisiana. This book contains 98 pages and 6 chapters, each chapter covering a Marist Fathers location,  including Jefferson College in Louisiana and Marist College in Atlanta, Georgia. This book seems to have been located in the Marist Library in Louisiana until it was given to the previous owner by Rev. Francis Georgelin(?), S.M. The Library stamp appears 3 times and each one has been blackened by a mark-a-lot. The gift inscription appears on the last page, the back endpaper.