A Calendar of Old New Orleans: Vieux Carre Sketches by Morris Henry Hobbs- 1941

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A native of Chicago, Hobbs was an architect who became proficient in printmaking and began exhibiting his art nationally along with the the more prominent artists of his time. In 1936 and 1938 he was honored with solo exhibitions at the Smithsonian. A road trip to New Orleans in 1938 changed his life. He  fell in love with the city and moved there permanently the following year, establishing a studio on Toulouse Street. He was and still is revered for his depictions of the famous buildings and back alleys of the Vieux Carre. This calendar presents  a collection of many of those works. The calendar was published by Harmanson, the famous new Orleans publisher. The prints are bound with ribbon forming a bow on the back cover. The calendar is complete and each page is in excellent condition as shown in the photograph. Only the back cover has any foxing (browning) but it is considerable. Each page measures 5" x 9". SOLD