1860's -1940's Photographs - Summit, Mississippi and Central, Louisiana - Latham family.

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  • Over 80+ photographs, including tintypes, cabinet, Kodak, all of the Dr. Charles C. Latham family of Summit, Mississippi and Central, Louisiana beginning in the early 1860's and extending to the 1940's. The photos include a turn of the century 5" x 7" photo of a home in Summit , Mississippi; a photo of Dr. Latham's 1937-1938 third grade class identifying the students and teacher;  Dr. Latham's airplane; family gatherings, old cars, homes, and over 30 photos developed before 1935 by the Kodak Dept. of Ewing, Inc. of Baton Rouge. Several photographs from the 1880's-1890's including one of R. J. Causey of Liberty, Mississippi and one of A.W. Hill of Summit, Miss.; a 1905-1910 photo of Clara Causey of Liberty, Miss.; two 1930's photos that include Laurie Miller and a photo of E. F. Young taken with Dr. Latham. In addition to the 80+ photos, the collection also includes 30  Kodak negatives in the original package from McVadon's Studio, 347 Main Street, Baton Rouge, La. Phone 876.