Penalver y Cardenas, Luis Ignacio

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Luis Ignacio Penalver y Cardenas was born on April 3, 1749 in Hvana, Cuba and died on July 17, 1810 in Havana. He was the first bishop of New Orleans and the Floridas and made his entrance into New Orleans on 17 July 1795. He then began the visitation of his diocese which then extended over the area known as the Louisiana Purchase Territory. In 1796 he visited Natchitoches and Pensacola in 1798. He was dismayed at the ignorance, irreligion and want of discipline that he encountered. In 1901 he was promoted to the position of Archbishop  of Guatemela and left New Orleans. Written in Havana on May 27, 1788 the document  offered is in a large format measuring 17 x 12 inches. There is some fading of words in the main portion of the document. Overall the document is in very good condition